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Welcome to the Hoshu Dojo website.
This website provides information about dojos affiliated with the Hoshu Aikijodokai located in Oita Prefecture, Japan. Affiliated dojos can be found in Vancouver, Canada and in Portland and Seattle in the USA.

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Hoshu Dojo Summer Camp 2014 Enbu: Ran-Ai (ZNKR Seitei Jodo – Jyunihonme)

As the final event of the Hoshu Dojo Summer Camp 2014, an enbu (demonstration) was performed by the senior students in attendance. The enbu was of Ran-Ai, the twelfth kata in the Seitei Jodo curriculum of the ZNKR.

The pairs (from front to back) are:
– Ben Lew (Nidan) and Marcus Phung (Sandan)
– Gao Gai Tian (Shodan) and Jeffrey Kamo (Shodan)
– Yonamine Taisuke (Yondan) and Tim Archer (Nidan)

The camp was held at Fort Worden, Port Continue reading