2023 Jodo Seminar

Welcome to registration for the 2023 Hoshu Dojo Jodo Camp!

This year will be Goto-Sensei's 10th trip to the Americas, and to honour the special anniversary we will be doing a gasshuku-style event - an all-inclusive camp where we train, stay, eat, and socialize together.

This year's camp will be held at Seattle University in Seattle, WA, from Thursday July 6th through Sunday July 9th, with training across two and a half days from Friday through Sunday. Both room and board will also be provided by Seattle U, with the exception of the "formal" camp dinner on Saturday night held at Olmstead Restaurant. There will be several options of rooms available with differing price ranges. While staying at Seattle U is not required, it is highly encouraged. Food is available at the university even if you are not staying there - but will need to be pre-registered.

Read on for more information about the camp, including the seminar schedule, accommodiation, meals, and parking.

We look forward to seeing you in July!

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Deadlines for registration are

  1. Sunday April 30th for Early Bird pricing
  2. Friday June 9th for regular pricing

The total due will be calculated from your choices for

  1. The seminar fee
  2. Accommodation and Meal plan
  3. Parking

We will reach out to you via email after you have submitted your registration to confirm everything, sign a waiver, provide payment totals and instructions, and let you know what to expect when you arrive. Please reach out to us at seminar2023@hoshudojo.com if you have any questions, if you anticipate you cannot make the deadlines, or if the provided options don't work for you.

Full Schedule

  1. Thursday, July 6th
    1. 1 pm to 10 pm: Accommodation Check-in
  2. Friday, July 7th
    1. TBD: Breakfast
    2. 9 am to 12 noon: Morning Seminar
    3. 12 noon to 1 pm: Lunch
    4. 1 pm to 5 pm: Afternoon Seminar
    5. TBD: Dinner
  3. Saturday, July 8th
    1. TBD: Breakfast
    2. 9 am to 12 noon: Morning Seminar
    3. 12 noon to 1 pm: Lunch
    4. 1 pm to 5 pm: Afternoon Seminar
    5. TBD (likely 6:30 or 7 pm): Camp Dinner at Olmstead
  4. Sunday, July 9th
    1. TBD: Breakfast
    2. Before 10 am: Check-out
    3. 9 am to 12 noon: Morning Seminar

The exact times may change as we get closer to the event. We will send updates when things change, but please check here for updates!


The seminar will be held in Seattle University's Redhawk Center Fitness Room (Studio 1). The Seminar fee covers the cost of the facility and contributes to airfare for Goto Sensei and Yuka. Costs for lodging, meal plans and parking are not included - more on those below.

  • Early Bird pricing for the seminar is $250 per person
    Registration and payment must be received on or before Sunday April 30th to be eligible.
  • Regular pricing from May 1st is $300 per person

Redhawk Center: 550 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98112. The Redhawk Center is also known as the William F. Eisiminger Fitness Center.

Accommodation and Meals

Accommodation is available in Seattle University's Chardin Hall and Bellarmine Hall, each a short walk to the Redhawk Center and Cherry Street Market. You are free to make your own arrangements to stay off-campus, but we encourage you to join the group!

A meal plan is included in the accommodation packages (required by Seattle University), and is also available even if you're not staying at Seattle University.

  • Standard Single with meal plan, $287 per person
  • Standard Double with meal plan, $228 per person
  • Deluxe Single with meal plan, $369 per person
  • Deluxe Double with meal plan, $297 per person
  • Meal plan but no accommodation, $90 per person

About the accommodation

All units include sinks, mirrors, cabinets, desks, compact refrigerator/microwave, wardrobes, and Wi-Fi internet throughout the campus buildings. All beds are single-person beds.

The "Deluxe" units are in Chardin Hall, and each unit comes with its own private bathroom. The "Standard" units are in Bellarmine Hall, with each unit sharing common bathrooms with the other units on the same floor. There are only 10 Deluxe Single rooms available, so get in quick! All Deluxe Single rooms are taken; the following are still available: are Standard Single, Standard Double, and Deluxe Double units.

All accommodation options are for 3 nights, checking in on Thursday and checking out on Sunday. You will need to check-in when you arrive to collect your room key and information. Thursday check-in is between 1pm and 10pm; Sunday check-out is any time before 10am. Luggage storage is available for the remainder of the seminar on Sunday, and if you arrive earlier than 1pm on Thursday. More information on what to expect when checking in and out will be provided closer to the date.

About the meal plan

A meal plan is available to everyone attending the seminar, even if you're not staying at Seattle University. If you are staying at Seattle University, it's included in your accommodation package (required by Seattle University). Meals will be served at the Cherry Street Market at the Seattle University Student Center. The meal plan includes:

  • Friday breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Saturday breakfast, and lunch
  • Sunday breakfast

More info on the meals will be provided closer to the date. Vegan options are also available - please let us know in the "Dietary and Special Accommodations" section of the registration form.

There is also a group dinner planned for Saturday night at the nearby restaurant Olmstead. Attendees will pay for their own meal and drinks directly to the restaurant on the night.


Parking is available through Seattle University. You can register now for a discounted price, or pay a higher fee if you decide when you arrive. The standard rate for parking is $18 per calendar day if you don't pre-pay. Either way, we do not need your car's registration information until you arrive.

Street parking in the area is very limited. We strongly recommend parking with Seattle University if you are driving.

We'll send more information closer to the date about parking with Seattle University - pre-paid or not.

Dietary and Special Accommodations

Please let us know in the "Dietary and Special Accommodations" section of the registration form if you require any special accommodation fully participate in the seminar. Hoshu Dojo is responsible for notifying the University of any requests by seminar participants with disabilities for reasonable accommodation that would require modification of University facilities. Such notification must be made sufficiently in advance of the seminar for the University to consider the request, determine whether the requested modification constitutes a reasonable accommodation or creates an undue hardship, and enter a dialogue regarding the requested accommodation, if necessary. The University is not responsible for making the content of the seminar accessible to persons with disabilities, such as providing interpreters for the deaf or assistance to the vision-impaired.

Please also note that Seattle University dining hall kitchens and the venue for Saturday night's dinner are not kosher or gluten free. Seattle University does have a station that avoids gluten but the kitchen still works with gluten in other areas. This may be okay for people avoiding gluten for dietary or philosophical reasons, but might cause problem for people with Celiac disease.

Please let us know in the "Dietary and Special Accommodations" section of the registration form if any of this affects you so we can discuss arrangements.

Seattle University is a non-smoking campus

Smoking, vaping, and tobacco in any form are strictly prohibited everywhere on campus. Please find a public street off-campus to smoke, vape, chew tobacco, etc.

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